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We are happy to announce that the Metropolitan Hotel in Tel-Aviv has sponsored runners from abroad

Metropolitan Hotel sponsor Spartanion

The Metropolitan Hotel in Tel-Avivl at 9 Trumpeldor St., Tel Aviv, is ready to provide its services for the benefit of the Spartanion runners who will come from abroad (outside of Israel) and will allow them to stay in this fine hotel, upon arrival in Israel, at a very symbolic cost of $ 30 per person per night on a B&B basis.

Many thanks to the hotel’s CEO, Mr. Sharon Guvrin (an Ultra Runner himself) for the sponsorship, for the third time.

* Booking a room at the above price will be done by contacting Spartanion – by email or Gilad’s mobile phone (or whatsApp) 972-(0)-52-5295551

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Until now runners form 9 countries around the world has registered


It is very gratifying to see that runners from 9 countries around the world have already registered.

The flag of each country from which a runner will arrive will be honored in the Spartanion range. Similar to the countries flags hoisted behind the statue of King Leonidas in Sparta

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World record holder of 24 hour (309km), 100 Miles and 12 hours Aleksander Sorokin is coming to race in Spartanion

World record holder of 24 hour (309km), 100 Miles and 12 hours Aleksander Sorokin is coming to race in Spartanion

The first time that a world champion in ultra running comes to Israel and he comes to us – to Spartanion, to compete.

Alexander Sorokin, from Lithuania, broke, not to mention shattered this year’s previous world record in a 24-hour run. A record that belongs to the running legend Yannis Koros, a record set in the previous century to be 303 km and there was no one who approached it.

Sorokin, about 40 years old, also holds the world record for 100 miles, when he set a time of 11:14:56 (average speed of 4:12 min / km), the world record for 12 hours when he set a distance of 170.3 km M (average speed of 4:14 min. Km)

Sorokin’s story is even more amazing than these inconceivable results.

Alexander who was a world class kayaker was injured and used to drink a lot and smoke a lot. Alexander only started running in 2013 in order to lose weight, after weighing 100 kg.

And if that was not enough, it was the corona period that allowed him to train more, because – his workplace was closed.

Other strong runners come from abroad, currently from 8 countries: Brazil, Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania as mentioned, and Sweden.

We will be happy to host all the runners from all countries from all nations.

You are welcome to come, register and participate in running, volunteering or encouragement.

Ganei Yehoshua Park, opposite Assuta January 6 until January 7 2022.

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The food & drinks in Spartanion 2022

The food & drinks in Spartanion 2022

  • Bread and pastries sponsored by Tomer Blass, owner of “Tomer’s Bread”
  • Spreads: Nutella, lotus, strawberry jam, orange jam, raw tahini, honey
  • Apples, bananas, dates
  • Mineral water thanks to the Sponsor “MEI EDEN” in small bottles
  • Tea, black coffee, unstance coffee, milk, espresso (capsules of a home machine), soup + pasta beside – at night. Coca-Cola.
  • Lemon, Parsley: To treat stomach problems, facilitate digestion.

    *** I remind that each runner will be designated 1meter of table for personal food and stuff

    (photo by pixabay)

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The 12h heat moved 12 hours earlier

The start of the 12h heat will advance earlier to 10:00 on Thursday 6.1.2022

We are happy to announce that the 12 hours heat moved 12 hours earlier, so that it will start at 10:00 and end at 22:00, all on Thursday 6.1.2022.

That is instead of the former start of the 12h heat that used to start at 22:00 on Thursday and ended at 10:00 on Friday.


* photo by pixabay

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In times of uncertainty – we create certainty


Due to the ongoing corona condition, there is a lot of uncertainty in the air  

Together, we will move from a state of apprehension of uncertainty to a lack of apprehension

Understanding this situation, it was decided to allow NON-Israeli runners to pay registration fee as late as the 31 of December 2021

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You will NOT run thirsty, Mey Eden will supply mineral water

We are happy to announce the new partner to the Spartanion way – Mey Edan a leading mineral water company in Israel will you runners with all the water you

need to accomplish your long run at Spartanion

.Mey Eden will bring you the water from the depth of mother earth, after absorbing the healthy mineral from the different layers of earth.

You are more than welcome to visit Mey Eden site to get acquaintance with Mey Eden products and servieces.

We are thanking Mey Eden, in the name of runners and Spartanion.