No later than 30.11.2023 every runner needs to:

1. Fill the registration form

* Send the following to the Spartanion Email (     

      A. A physician signed medical certificate of  
          good health.

     B. Declaration and waiver

     C. An approval of race fee payment 

10.1.2024 a day before the race
One can put a personal tent in the Spartanion range, as Spartanion official are already there.
One need to ask at the range the exact place to put the tent.
* Spartanion is not libel for the tent nor for the items in it (if outed), however there will be a person on behalf of Spartanion at all times to see that no one is fiddling with the Spartanion range.
ספרטניון 2020 צילום: גלית שנהב
David Van Den Bossche(BEL), SPARTANION 2020 || Photo: Galit Shenhav
ספרטניון 2020 צילום: דגנית מקא
Balazs Shimonyi(HUN), SPARTANION 2020 || Photo: Galit Shenhav
an Inbar, Spartanion 2022 || Photo: Tomer Feder - SportPhotograpgy


11.1.2024 THURSDAY

8:00 Opening Spartanion range area and registration of runners to starts.

         Registration to starts is mandatory.

         Runners time to organize.

         Every runner can place a personal tent on the grass.

9:30  Finish registration of runners to start.

9:45  Before taking off – last briefing to the 24h, 100M and 100k runners.

10:00 24-hours, 14-hours relay AND 12-hours heats start.

10:15 100 Miles start.

10:30 100 km start.

22:00 12 hour heat finish


12.1.2024 FRIDAY

00:30 100 km heat finish

01:40 Before taking off – last briefing to the Marathon & half runners.

02:00 Start of Marathon & half heat

10:00 24-hours, Marathon & half heats finish

10:15 100 Miles heat finish

11:00 closing ceremony