World record holder of 24 hour (309km), 100 Miles and 12 hours Aleksander Sorokin is coming to race in Spartanion

The first time that a world champion in ultra running comes to Israel and he comes to us – to Spartanion, to compete.

Alexander Sorokin, from Lithuania, broke, not to mention shattered this year’s previous world record in a 24-hour run. A record that belongs to the running legend Yannis Koros, a record set in the previous century to be 303 km and there was no one who approached it.

Sorokin, about 40 years old, also holds the world record for 100 miles, when he set a time of 11:14:56 (average speed of 4:12 min / km), the world record for 12 hours when he set a distance of 170.3 km M (average speed of 4:14 min. Km)

Sorokin’s story is even more amazing than these inconceivable results.

Alexander who was a world class kayaker was injured and used to drink a lot and smoke a lot. Alexander only started running in 2013 in order to lose weight, after weighing 100 kg.

And if that was not enough, it was the corona period that allowed him to train more, because – his workplace was closed.

Other strong runners come from abroad, currently from 8 countries: Brazil, Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania as mentioned, and Sweden.

We will be happy to host all the runners from all countries from all nations.

You are welcome to come, register and participate in running, volunteering or encouragement.

Ganei Yehoshua Park, opposite Assuta January 6 until January 7 2022.