1. Spartanion is based on the principle of fair play, integrity and precision; Each runner undertakes to act according to these principles.
  2. The Spartanion operate according under the WORLD ATHLETICS (hereinafter “WA“) and its rules,  and according to the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF ULTRARUNNERS (hereinafter “IAU”) and its rules and to the instructions of the ISRAELI ATHLETICS ASSOCIATION (hereinafter “iaa”) and is being inspected by the ISRAELI NATIONAL ANTI DOPING  ORGANIZATION (hereinafter “INADO”).
    Some of these rules state that:
    A. The use of headphones, MP3s and cell phones, etc. – is prohibited.
    B. Assistance outside the Spartanion compound (compound – the fenced lawn, where the Spartanion tents are located) – is prohibited.
         For the 100 km runners: The allowable assistance is when the supporter is behind the feeding table only.
    c. Running with someone who is not from the same heat – is prohibited. Runners from a different gender run in a different heat. For example, a 100-mile male runner must not run with 100 miles female runner. Two 100 miles female runners are allowed to run together, and so on.
  3.  Each runner will carry throughout the Spartanion a bib number on the chest and on the back, openly, at all time. In order not to corrupt the runner’s time due to replacement or adding a top garment, 2 pairs of numbers will be provided for each runner.
  4. Each runner will carry an electronic chip throughout the Spartanion period. The chip and form to carry it shall be delivered in the participant’s kit.
  5. Each runner who finishes the race will hand the chip to an official representative of the Spartanion, in the Control tent.
  6. A runner who wants to leave the Spartanion, before finishing his run, will hand the bib numbers and chip to an official representative of the Spartanion, in Control tent.
  7. A runner may leave the route of the course only in the marked and designated location. Thus, the runner allowed to return to the route only from the place that will be clearly marked. The point to exit and re-enter the course will be given on the briefing to the runners. * The 100km runners are NOT allowed to leave the course at any time, unless to use the toilets adjacent to the course or to use assistance from Spartanion officials ONLY. No support, beside handing supplies over the 100k food table to the 100km runners.
  8. A runner may receive assistance only inside the Spartanion range, or while he/she runs between the starting gate until the red stripe on the course just after the feeding tables end. The supporter will assist from OUTside the course to its runner.
  9. A runner shall not shorten or attempt to shorten the course, and shall not perform any act that may divert the result of her/his running. A runner who do so will be disqualified, and the race director will have the authority and the right to decide even to disqualify her/him from participating in Spartanion permanently, in accordance with the gravity of the act and the absolute discretion of the Spartanion manager.
  10. It is clarified that along the Spartanion course, cameras will be installed to broadcast the race and for documentation. Each Participant agrees to participate in his/her filming and use of footage from the race including video clips and stills pictures for the purpose of their use and for judging purposes and for the advertising of Spartanion in any media and for other purposes as specified in the Rules.
  11. Each runner hereby gives her/his consent to the management of the Spartanion to use data such as her/his name, date of birth and picture, as provided – for the purpose of the race itself: timekeeping, list of finishers and other services.
  12. The runner undertakes not to sue, and hereby waives any cause of action in connection with any publication related to her/his participation in Spartanion, without prejudice to the generality of the aforesaid, including publication of pictures, videos, year of birth, personal result, location in the race results, and interviews including advertising in any form including digital and written media, Magazines, books and newspapers.
  13. In the event of the discovery of the use of prohibited drugs in accordance with the instructions and / or guidelines and / or WADA list, runner will be disqualified and may be permanently disqualified from participation in Spartanion, in accordance with the decision of the Spartanion race director.
  14. In the event of a clear use of such prohibited drugs, the Spartanion race director shall have the right to decide that a runner who is caught using such drugs shell pay a fine of up to 5,000 NIS to the Spartanion organization. In such a case, the fine money will be use by Spartanion for more testing of detection of prohibited drugs, as stated
  15. For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby clarified that Spartanion shall have zero tolerance for any act or attempt to obtain a result contrary to the rules, by unlawful means, in an illegal or improper manner.
  16. Spartanion reserves the right to disqualify any runner who will not comply with the provisions of Spartanion.
  17. A prerequisite for participation is the statement of health and waiver of liability after being signed by a runner and a MEDICAL APPROVAL signed by a physician.
  18. Cost of registration:
  19. HEAT


    12 hourse

    /100 km 


    100 Mile

    800 NIS



    The payment will be made to account number 1199271 at Union Bank, Poleg 095 branch, in one of three ways:

                a. Bank transfer (with recipient fee paid by sender)

                    Account number: 606183;
                   Account Name: SPARTANION
                   Branch number. 422; 
                   BRANCH ADDRESS: 5 Mefi St., Netanya, ISRAEL
                   Bank name: Mizrahi-Tefahot; Bank number: 20
                   IBAN: IL22 0204 2200 0000 0606 183
                   SWIFT: MIZBILIT

                b. Transfer via PayPal, plus a 3.5% commission charged by PayPal from the payment amount

                c. Transfer using Western Union service.

  20. The registration conditions must be fulfilled no later than 31.10.2023.
  21. In case of cancellation of registration, by October 31, 2023, a refund of 60% of the sum will be received; In the event of such cancellation by November 30, 2023, a refund of 40% will be received. No refund will be received after this time.
  22. The age of participation in Spartanion is at least 18 years. That is to say, all runners who were born before 5.1.2006, can register.
  23. Only the runner who registered and filled all requirement, may participate in Spartanion.
  24. Every runner must have a valid personal insurance covering the participation in a long running competition.
  25. Each participant assumes full responsibility in general and, in particular, regarding his health in relation to Spartanion, and she/he shall fully and irrevocably dismiss the organizers of Spartanion and any person on behalf of the Spartanion, and any party connected with Spartanion, from any obligation and responsibility. The runner declares that she/he is generally healthy, and that if she/he arrives to Spartanion when she/he is not trained enough and / or not in physical and / or mental health suitable for running Spartanion she/he will not participate in Spartanion.
  26. Any provision in the law requiring a runner to carry out any medical tests – the runner must perform with his sole and complete responsibility.
  27. Spartanion has the right to allow runners without valid criterion to participate on its own considiration.
  28. The confirmation of payment of registration fees, health declaration and waiver of liability and medical approval should be sent to the Spartanion Email ( no later than 31.10.2023. In the event that all the conditions are not fulfilled by the specified date, the runner will be removed from the list of participants. His place will be replace by the first runner from the waiting list.
  29. A previous run shall be a criterion according to the conditions prescribed in the participation terms, provided that it was performed within the three years preceding the year of the race. In relation to the Spartanion to be held in 2024, a criterion can be presented from the years 2021-2023.
  30. An appeal or complaint relating to Spartanion must be delivered orally to the race director, as soon as possible immediately upon fulfillment of the claim, and in writing no later than one hour after the end of the heat where the alleged infringement took place.
  31. The manager of the race has the option of changing the start time and date and canceling it, at his sole discretion.
  32. The organizers of Spartanion may change and add terms and sections in these Rules and in their sole discretion. A runner will not be able to argue against changes in the rules, and waives any such claim in advance. In the event of a material change, a runner can at most cancel his registration, but will not be able to make any claim, except for a claim to refund registration fees.