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We are happy to announce that the Muse Hotel has sponsored runners from abroad

The Muse Boutique Hotel at 9 Trumpeldor St., Tel Aviv, is ready to provide its services for the benefit of the Spartanion runners who will come from abroad (outside of Israel) and will allow them to stay in this fine hotel, upon arrival in Israel, at a very symbolic cost of $ 30 per person per night on a B&B basis.

Many thanks to the hotel’s CEO, Mr. Sharon Guvrin (an Ultra Runner himself) for the sponsorship, especially during this period.

* Needless to say, the possibility of accommodation depends on the directives of the Israeli Ministry of Health and / or the government order.

* Booking a room at the above price will be done by contacting Spartanion – by email or Gilad’s mobile phone (or whatsApp) 972-(0)-52-5295551

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Sports doctor Dr. Kobi Sharvit is also volunteering this year to be the medical director of the Spartanion

Dr. Sharvit, this year again, volunteered to support Spartanion, to serve as the Spartanion Medical Director.

We thank Dr. Sharvit for donating his time and energy to Spartanion, this is his second time to do so.

Dr. Sharvit is not only a sport doctor but an athlete himself and naturally understands the hearts of the runners along with the responsibility and concern for their health.

We all feel more confident under the hands of Dr. Sharvit.

Thank you very very much
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The excellent physiotherapist Moshe Bretter will treat all runner also in 2021 Spartanion

Moshe Bretter the owner of Physical Function Physiotherapy clinic and one of the most professional physiotherapists in Israel, has decided, again, to donate his time and professionalism to the 2021 Spartanion. All along all the Spartanion from start till end
.Moshe’s hands will treat every muscle cramp. every tight muscle and will help every runner to achieve the desired goal.

Spartanion thanks, second year in a row, to Moshe for his volunteer spirit and his precious time he use to aid the Spartanion runners and to promote long distance running in Israel towards new and unknown achievements.

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The English site is open and easy to registration

Our hopes and wishes are that all of you are in good health and the Corona virus skipped you and your loved ones.

We hope that the withdraw of the virus will continue in all nations and countries

We at Spartanion are working to present you the race we can. We have moved the race range but not the course. of course the the start lines of the 100K and the 100M heats are moved from last year.

we have add a forth heat – the 12 hour heat, as the 100k is no longer s Spartathlon qualifier and the 12h is.

However, the 100k heat is here to stay. As Spartanion is also the Israeli championship and there special meaning to the 100k heat and to , allow runners to reach the criterion for the 100k world championship.

You are more than welcome to contact us with any question.

By email to

(or by phone/whatsApp at 972-52-5295551 (Gilad

Please allow me to apologize for the long time until the English site was up in the air. as at list for most if not all of us the last few months was a hectic and demanding period of time.