I am very delighted to announce that Barak Rosen and Assaf Tochmeier, the founders and owners of the Israel Canada Group, have decided that the company will support and sponsor Spartanion.

The Israel Canada Group, is engaged in locating, initiating and improving properties in Israel and around the world, invests in many areas and supports technology development companies.

The Israel Canada Group has set itself a vision, to initiate various and better real estate projects than its competitors in all areas.

As you know, I set myself a goal to maintain the Spartanion in the best and most comfortable conditions for runners so that runners can run their fastest and farthest.

This is where our paths crossed, after the owners of the Israel Canada Group learned about Spartanion, they decided to help and assist so that our common vision would be realized.

My deep gratitude to them for that.

The Israel Canada Group tends to take on projects from immature stages and carry them out to the key delivery stage, in the best possible way.

Similar to the Spartanion runners who take on the run and strive towards its end in the best possible way.

The sponsorship of the Israel Canada Group allows us to continue to give you runners the best so that you can continue to succeed together with us!

Good training

Gilad Krauz


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