• Registration end: 31.10.2020.

Every runner must be:

  1. 18 years old at the of Spartanion, E.g., born before 6.1.2003.
  2. In proper health to allow her/him to run the heat she/he was registered for, and after an adequate and proper training for her/his heat.
  3. Send until 31.10.2020, to the Spartanion Email mentioned above:
     A. A medical approval, sign by a physician.
          * It is recommended and advisable to perform an E.K.G. stress test examination.
    B. Sign Deceleration and waiver form.
    C. approval of payment for participation fee.
         750 NIS for the 24H runner
         700 NIS for the 12H hour and for the 100 miler runner
         600 NIS for the 100km runner
          * The payment can be made to “Spartanion”
                                                              account: 1199271
                                                              branch No. 095
                                                              Union Bank

                                                        or by PAYPAL to:

                                                        or by money order with Western Union

  • Fill the registration form, include a link for file of a run that constitute criterion for the desirable heat in SPARTANION.
  • the SPARTANION criterion run should be done in the year: 2018, 2019 or 2020 and to stand to one of the following options: 
             * run that been done before 2018 can not stand as criterion for SPARTANION
             * criterion to run in SPARTANION for women has a 10% (rounded) factor

       For 24-hour heat
       (1) at list 144 km in 24-hours (130km for woman)
       (2) 100 Miles run in less than 25:30 hours (28 hours for woman)
       (3) 100 km run in less than 12 hours (13:15 hours for woman)

       For 12-hour heat

       (1) at list 65 km in 12-hours for female; 72 km for male
       (2) 100 km run in less than 14 hours for woman;13 for man
       (3) 90 km run in less than 13:15 hours for woman; 12:00 hours for man

      For 100 Miles heat
      (1) 100 Miles run in less than 29:00 for female; 26:30 hours for man
      (2) 100 Km run in less than 14:15 hours for female; 13:00 hours for man

       For 100 KM heat
       (1) 100 Km run in less than 15:30 hours for female; 14:00 hours for man
       (2) 90 Km run in less than 13:15 hours for female; 12:00 hours for man
       (3) 80 Km run in less than 12:30 hours for female; 11:15 hours for man
       (4) 60 Km run in less than 9:00 hours for female; 8:00 hours for man
       (5) 50 km run in less than 6:00 hours for female; 5:00 hours for man 
             50 Km run in “TANACH-TASHACH” race in less than 7:00 hours for female; 6:00 hours for man 
       (6) Marathon in less than 4:00 hours for female; 3:30 hours for man

If you do not have a criterion as mentioned above, but ran in a challenging course, you may apply to register on the account of “Though course” by sending a request To Spartanion Email, or by Writing the request in the “something important to tell you” section, in the REGISTRATION FORM.

Every request will be carefully weighed.

Requests reaching Spartanion Email after 31.10.2020 will not be accepted.

There is a need to show approval of the run that stands as one of SPARTANION criterion mentioned above in order to registered to the correlated heat.


√ אסמכתה על ריצת 147 ק”מ במרוץ 24 שעות תאפשר השתתפות בכל אחד מארבעת המקצים, אך ניתן להירשם רק לאחד מהם.

 אסמכתה על ריצת 100 ק”מ ב- 12:30 שעות תקנה אפשרות להשתתף במקצה 100 מייל או 100 ק”מ או 12 שעות, אך לא במקצה 24 שעות.

* המכסות למקצים יתמלאו לפי סדר הרצים שמילאו את כל תנאי הרישום. 

* עם התמלאות המכסה, תפתח רשימת המתנה. אם עד תאריך 30.9.2020 תתמלא המכסה במקצה אחד אך לא באחר – המקומות הפנויים במקצה שלא התמלא, ינוידו כמקומות נוספים למקצה שכבר התמלא. כנ”ל יעשה במועד הרשמה האחרון: תאריך 31.10.2020.


אם עד ליום 31.8.2020, 25 רצים ימלאו את כל תנאי ההרשמה למקצה 24 השעות ו- 35 רצים ימלאו את כל תנאי ההרשמה למקצה 100 מייל – מקצה 24 השעות יחשב מלא וייסגר ומקצה 100 מייל המונה 35 רצים ייסגר גם הוא. 

כך, למעט רצים מחו”ל ורצים שיוחלט על פי שיקול דעת הספרטניון, לאפשר את השתתפותם. בכל מקרה הספרטניון מוגבל ל-150 רצות ורצים על המסלול בכל רגע נתון.

למען הבהירות, במקרה שכל המכסות ימולאו, יהיו 30 רצים ורצות ישראלים בכל מקצה, ו/או לא יותר מ-120 בסך הכל, וכן עוד 30 רצים מחו”ל ו/או רצים שישתתפו לפי שיקול דעת הספרטניון.


for example:

√ 147 km run in 24-hour will allow a runner to register to one of the 3 heats

 100 km run in 12:30 hours will allow a runner to register to the 100 Miles and 100 KM heats, but not to the 24-hours heat.

* the quota for a heat will be filled by the site registration form sending order.

* When quota in a heat is filled, a waiting list will be opened for that heat. If, by 31.8.2019, there is a waiting list in one heat, but not in another, the vacant places from the one heat will be added to the filled heat and both heats will be closed. One heat with more than 30 runners and the other with less than 30 runners. The above will be done at the last registration date: 31.10.2019

*** However, there are 30 places above the 90 for 3 heats for runners abroad Israel and for runners to enter at the discretion of Spartanion

for example:

If until 31.8.2019, 25 forms will be send for the 24-hour heat and 35 forms for the 100 Miles heat, the 5 vacant places in the 24-hour heat will be transfer to the 100 Miles heat so it will have 35 runners and the 24-hours heat will have 25 runners and both heats will be closed.

To make things clear: in the 3 heats all together, 90 Israelis can take part in Spartanion and 30 more can be registered since they are from abroad (as long as they have criterion) and  runners by Spartanion own discretion (as long as they have criterion)

In any case there will be no more than 120 runners at on time on the course